About Breath of Life Art Studio

Breath of Life Art Studio was started in 2006 with a desire to inspire and encourage others with art.  Currently BoL is a one-person studio producing original art pieces, novels, videos and other fun stuff.  The goal is to grow to be a culture-shaping multi-media studio dedicated to producing positive entertainment experiences.

 About Josh Foreman

Josh is the Founder of BoL and  lives in Kirkland, Washington with his beautiful wife and son.  He has a degree in Industrial Design Technology (Yes; the ‘Technology’ part of that degree is completely extraneous.) from the Art Institute of Seattle, and has worked in the video game industry for 20 years.  For more information than you could possibly want about him you can visit his blog at: http://www.joshuaforeman.blogspot.com/


Josh Foreman playing Games on Throne



About Lelia Foreman

Lelia is not only an incredibly talented and creative writer, but also created the creator of BoL, (as well as creating two others, and adopting yet two more).  She has been producing stories for BoL’s Tales From Talifar world.  You can read samples here, and buy books here.


Lelia and Granddaughter Adia
Lelia and Granddaughter Adia

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This is Josh Foreman. I logged in with my reddit account as Ragged_Scrybe! AMAZING!