Here’s some concept I did for Tshirt designs for the band Eisely.  Don’t worry, none were chosen. 

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Art: Josh Foreman – Sculpture


Adoration ~Super Sculpey

I made this for an angel collector.  

Scolla ~Super Sculpey

The grumpy sidekick/guide for Bowmark on his adventures to find 10 treasures and reclaim his kingdom.  Scolla can inflate like a blowfish when he is angry.  And he can extrude webbing from his palms.  When he sleeps he folds his ears over his face and looks like a pile of cloth.

Costume Kids ~Super Sculpey

This is a line of figures I was developing before I realized it would take more time to produce than I could ever hope to recoup.  If I ever get minions I’ll have them finish the job.

Zelda Monsters ~SuperSculpey, Apoxie Sculpt, Mixed Media

These are part of a long term project.  The goal is to sculpt every piece of art from the 8-bit Nintendo classic and eventually get it together in a recreation of the game with super high resolution graphics.  The Legend of Zelda is to me, what King Kong is to Peter Jackson: an early formative entertainment experience that propelled and inspired me to do what I do.

Zelda Wedding Cake Topper ~SuperSculpey

Made for some friends of mine.  And before you ask, no, I won’t sell art based on intellectual property that I don’t own.  This was a gift.

Guild Wars 2 Wurms ~Super Sculpey, cast in resin

I was a coordinator for some of the content in Guild Wars 2 and thought it would be fun to make the three boss wurms in the game.

Uut ~Super Sculpey

This lovable 40’ tall beast carries the Rubu village on her back.  This was designed for a game that sadly got cancelled.

Whirlpool ~Super Sculpey, Apoxie Sculpt

I was trying to create a scene that invites the viewer to interpret in either an optimistic or pessimistic way. Is the figure being inexorably sucked into oblivion, or are they struggling toward freedom?

Gus ~Super Sculpey, Apoxie Sculpt, Resin, Can

A Secret Santa gift I made for some guy on a forum I frequent. The can is a drink he likes, and the design is sort of based on some tattoos he has.

Bobble Head ~Sculpey Bake and Bend

This is a caricature of a girl who always falls asleep in class, thus earning the nickname “Bob” which was short for Bobble-Head.  As an added bonus, I made is so the eyes close when you tip the head back.


A Poet’s Tears of Porcelain ~Super Sculpey Firm, Apoxie Sculpt, Wood, Glass

I made this for Rowan London, the vocalist/pianist for my favorite band, Virgin Black. This sculpture is based on a song of the same name. The title of the song is scribed on the bottom keys and the lyrics around the rest of the frame. The focal point is the titular poet who is symbolically represented as a chalice. I interpret the word ‘ porcelain ‘ to evoke the fragility and vulnerability of the emotions that a poet expresses. I portray the poet of the song, which is essentially a psalm of worship, as a conduit of these emotions that originate in the “fathomless depth” of God. (Represented by the opaque black eye at the top.) The emotions flow from God into the mind of the poet who interprets them through a human filter, and collects them in cupped hands, offering them to us.

Artifact ~Clay

A ceremonial pitcher.  Possibly used to pour OceanSpray Cran-Apple juice.

Boxer ~Super Sculpey

I made this for a staffer of Alaskan Congressman Don Young.  I think the Republican party would be cooler if they were all anthropomorphic elephants in boxing shorts.

Rings ~Silver, Gold, Fossilized Ivory

These are our wedding rings.  I do the sculpting then take them to an actual jeweler who knows what he’s doing to do the casting part.

Demon Hunter: Mounted ~Super Sculpey, Apoxie Sculpt, Cast in plaster

Made this as a promotional item for a local design company that happens to be rock stars a couple weeks out of the year.  They have a logo that is a silhouette of a demon with a bullet hole in its forehead.  I de-abstracted it for this sculpture.  I think they hung it in their tour bus.

Fierce Love ~Super Sculpey, Cast in resin

No, it’s not Aslan.  But the inspiration comes from the same place.  Jesus is called the Lion of the Tribe of Judah in Revelation 5:5.  There is a line in a Mortal song that goes, “How fierce the love.” That always grabs me.  The juxtaposition of ferocity and love is one I hope to emulate.

Level Concept ~Mixed media

I built this diorama to illustrate my ideas for a game we were working on.  I wanted to get more realistic terrain than platform games typically have while still keeping a fantastical element to it.  I tried to achieve realistic weathering and erosion patterns with escarpments, piles of scree, etc.  Sadly the game was cancelled.

Lil’ Temptress ~Super Sculpey, cast in resin

Don’t be fooled!

Muku ~Super Sculpey

This was a design for the protagonist of a game I was Art Lead for.  Sadly it got cancelled.

Ragged Scrybe ~Super Sculpey, Apoxie Sculpt, cast in resin

A wise old man.  Or IS he?  Either way you can buy him in the store.

Big Date ~Super Sculpey, Apoxie Sculpt, Mixed Media

This guy’s gett’n ready for his first big date in quite a while.  Gotta get all the bugs out of his hair first!

Miscellaneous ~Lot’s of stuff!

Here’s a random smattering of stuff I’ve made over the years.  Your mileage may vary.


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