Art – Josh Foreman’s Sculpture

Adoration ~Super Sculpey

I made this for an angel collector.  

Scolla ~ Super Sculpey

The grumpy sidekick/guide for Bowmark on his adventures to find 10 treasures and reclaim his kingdom.  Scolla can inflate like a blowfish when he is angry.  And he can extrude webbing from his palms.  When he sleeps he folds his ears over his face and looks like a pile of cloth.

Costume Kids ~Super Sculpey

This is a line of figures I was developing before I realized it would take more time to produce than I could ever hope to recoup.  If I ever get minions I’ll have them finish the job.

Zelda Monsters ~SuperSculpey, Apoxie Sculpt, Mixed Media

These are part of a long term project.  The goal is to sculpt every piece of art from the 8-bit Nintendo classic and eventually get it together in a recreation of the game with super high resolution graphics.  The Legend of Zelda is to me, what King Kong is to Peter Jackson: an early formative entertainment experience that propelled and inspired me to do what I do.

Zelda Wedding Cake Topper ~SuperSculpey

Made for some friends of mine.  And before you ask, no, I won’t sell art based on intellectual property that I don’t own.  This was a gift.

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Art – Rose Foreman

Rose Foreman grew up on a hill by a cemetery, where she would often retreat to read.  Throughout her life she’s created art of many kinds, from mobile sculpture, to puppets, to large metal installation art.  This breadth of artistic expression and experience surely informs her primary medium which is writing.  Such as the many novels and short stories she’s written for Tales From Talifar.  


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Here you can find the artwork from folks who contribute to the various projects going on at BoL.  Check it out on the side bar!


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