Collaborate – Contribute Knowledge

Are you an expert in something like geology, chemistry, biology, oceanography, medieval sword fighting or Renaissance engineering?  We would LOVE to have your help making Talifar scientifically plausible.  If that sounds fun, send us a message telling us about your areas of expertise and we’ll find a way to convert your brain smarts into awesome world building and stories!

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Tell Us What You Know

Are you an expert in linguistics?  Do you know stuff about astronomy, biology, geology or anything else that could help us make Talifar a more plausible and realistic world?  We’d LOVE to hear from you.  Right now we are compiling a list of volunteers with various expertise that we’d like to bounce ideas off of to vet the verisimilitude we’re shooting for.  If that sounds fun to you, sign up here and tell us your expertise and qualifications.

[email form here]

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Do you have something to add to one of BoL’s projects?  Here’s what we are looking for:

1. Conversation!  We want to hear your ideas and opinions.  That’s why there are comment boxes under everything!  Please leave feedback.

2. Expertise.  Especially in the world of Tales From Talifar, we want to hear YOUR perspective on our material.  As an engineer, biologist, historian, etc.  We believe that the more perspectives we listen to, the more real and engaging our work will be.

3. E-street team.  Hey, if you really like what we’re doing and want to help spread the word, here’s some tools to help you do that!  Join our mailing list.  Share some of our stuff with your friends.

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