Games – Dueling Dice of Doom

A game so good and so obvious I can’t reveal the super cool and simple mechanic because it miraculously has not been done before!  (I’ve been sitting on the idea for over 20 years now.) JUST WAIT!  Because… I mean… you don’t have a choice.  We will start on it after we finish The Cowardly Hero

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Games – The Cowardly Hero

A roll-a-ball-through-a-maze mobile game with a twist.  In this case, the “ball” is a cowardly knight who wants to run away.  You’ve got to tilt the world to keep him off his feet and rolling towards the goal!  Currently in very ‘slow burn’ development.  



Here’s the first draft of the script for the opening:

Hand of Fate: (grandmotherly voice from heaven) (Camera looking down at little puffy dude sleeping under a tree) Hello dearest Hero.


Hero: (Startles awake) Huh?  Who… who said that?


Hand of Fate: (formal noble tone) I am the Hand of Fate, and I have chosen THOU to rescue the rulers of the five realms who hath been kidnapped by an evil wizard.


Hero: Wait!  That sounds scary.  I’d rather not, thanks.


Hand of Fate: This is a great honor.  Thou hast been CHOSEN.


Hero: But I don’t WANT to be chosen!


Hand of Fate: (becoming cross) Listen here… I’ve chosen thou to be a great and legendary hero who wilt go down in history as the savior of the land, with riches and treasure beyond imagination!


Hero: No thank you.


Hand of Fate: (Stammers in disbelief) But I… but thou… why wouldn’t thou….


Hero: I’m going back to my nap now.


Hand of Fate: (Angry god severity) Thou WILT become the Hero I hast chosen thou to be!  Thou WILT save thine world and become rich beyond thy wildest dreams!


[On game tutorial text: Tilt device to motivate your Hero]


(World leans, leaves fall, water splashes, Hero clings to tree)


Hero: What are you doing?!  No!  I’m so scared!


[On game tutorial text: Shake device to start The Hero’s Journey]


(Hero is shaken loose and tumbles until he hits a wall, grunting and wailing)


Hand of Fate: (Formal narrator tone) And so our Hero bravely set out, against all odds, despite great danger…


Hero: Great danger?!  NOOOooo!  Please!


Hand of Fate: Hush you!  Fortune hath smiled upon you this day!  Smile back!


Hero: Nooooooo!


This game will be BoL’s first foray into videogame development, so we chose something that is very simple.  We’ll update this page with progress as we make it.

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Breath of Life will be producing some indie games soon.  Stay tuned!

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